Ossels Learning – Announcing their free data science course

Yes, the wait is finally over. Ossels have announced the start of their free e-learning course for the emerging data science professionals. Ossels have been with you before, hosting free computer engineering projects and seminars, and will continue the same for the upcoming course on data science as well. Just like the previous, the course is absolutely free.

Why data science?

According to Glassdoor, data science career is ranked as the third best job for 2020 and was ranked as 1st from 2016 to 2019. Data science is a growing field and data scientists, being the top most paid job in IT sector. Most of the companies have lots of data with them which they have collected through years. Now they want to find some relevant business insights out it and this makes it a number one contender for the selection of the topic.

Course Structure

The primary focus of the course is to design your minds in building real world data science use-cases. We start with making your programming basics right, then guide you through in nurturing it to build working and deployable AI solutions. We believe more in practicals than theories and so does our course. An absolute balance between theory and practicals is maintained throughout the course. Every concept in the course is explained with real world examples.

What’s included in the course?

Python for data science
Fundamentals of statistics
Data analysis
Data visualization
Machine learning algorithms
Deep learning algorithms
Natural language processing
Real world use cases & projects
Resume preparation tips
Interview preparation tips

and much more…….

See you in class…

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