How to Verify Your Facebook Page Officially | 2017 Trick

Many people are asking me how I got my facebook page officially verified. So I thought why don’t I shout something on that.

What is meant by Verifying Facebook Page?

You might have seen either a blue tick or a grey tick along side the name of some business pages. And whenever you hover over that tick mark you will see a message that Facebook confirmed that this is an authentic page for media page, public figure or brand!

Why You Need Your Facebook Page Officially Verified!

One reason behind verifying facebook page is to keep Authenticity. Means it will shout to your page viewers that it’s official one. And this will keep your page apart from other pages even if they got the same name. Another reason behind verifying a facebook business page officially is that a verified facebook page always tops the search lists. And the last reason, for being proud to shout at your friends that you are an owner of an officially verified facebook.

How to Verify Facebook Business Page Officially?

What you need for it!

1. A Facebook page with at least 1000 likes. [The facebook page must be published].
2. A website with a premium domain. ( like .com , .org , .me etc. Refer this tutorial for knowing how to get a premium domain for free.). The website is for making the facebook feel that you are a real company or organization.

Steps for Verifying Facebook Page

1. Open your facebook page.
2. Add a good looking cover photo and a profile logo. [ For making it a genuine I recommend to make your profile logo the same as the logo of your website. Also let your cover pic shouts your business].
3. Add a contact info for your page. [Include a working phone no. which you use, a street address and your website name. The street address should match the one you have added in your website contact page].
3. Go to Your Facebook Page About. []
Add a Page Info. [Very important step, so must be genuine and the same should reflect in your website’s about].
4. Now the most important step.Go to your facebook page Settings.
In the General tab, locate Page Verification.
Click on Edit. [See the screenshot].

Now click on verify this page.
5. You will get a pop up screen asking you to enter your phone no. Don’t enter anything there. Click on Verify this page with documents instead. [See Screenshot].

6. Now click on Upload file. Send them a picture of official document showing your business or organization’s name and address.Click on Send Document.
[I have uploaded them my company phone bill]

You are done. Wait for a 2 days or a maximum of 3-4 days, they will respond back with a official tick on your Facebook page. Congratulations! You are now a proud owner of an officially verified facebook page!
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