How to Index Your Website in Google Search Engine

Are you a blogger or a web developer who often fails to index your blog/website in google search engine? If so, this post is exclusively for you. This post helps you getting your website well indexed in google.

Why we are Indexing a Website/Blog in Google Search Engine

You might have a blog. And you might have driven traffic from social network websites like face book, twitter etc. And how long you could do this if your fan page lacks a pretty decent amount of likes or reach. How long you could message your friends to look at your new post? The google search traffic plays a role here. Millions of people are searching for different keywords from different places daily and what if our websites reaches them like hell? Seems nice, isn’t it?

The main thing is that if you have a good search engine traffic, then you don’t have to shout at your friends ‘Check My Website, I have Done this!’. For a search engine traffic , the first thing you have to do is getting your website/blog indexed in google. I will shout you all kind of blogging from dusk to dawn in upcoming tutorials.

Steps in Indexing your website

Let me first give my blog a search in google.

Its not indexed. No problem!  We gotta will make it. So let’s start!
1. Signing through Google Web Masters.
Open Google Webmasters Tools from here.
Sign up using a gmail account of yours. I recommend using the same gmail account which you have used for creating your blog.
After sign in you will see the Google Webmaster Search Console. Click on Add a Property

2.  Add Your Blog here with ‘https‘ (See image)

3. You will see this one. Click on Alternate Methods.

4. Select first option , HTML tag. Copy the meta tag.

5. Now go to your blog with the google webmaster’s window minimised. Choose your HTML layout from Template. Click inside the HTML code once. Press ctrl + F and search for <head> . Once you locate the <head> tag, paste the meta tag just below it. (See the screenshot).

6. Open google webmasters page and click on Verify. Once you do this, you will get a similar success message.

7. You will see a Search Console dashboard on clicking Continue. Locate Fetch as Google from the sidebar and click on that.

8. Click on FETCH button with the URL column left blank. Click on Submit to index.

9. Complete the robot captcha verification. Select Crawl this URL and its direct links (If you need to index any pages other than the homepage you have to select the first option Crawl only this URL)
Click on Go.
10. You have successfully submitted your blog to google.

11. You are done. Now see the results in google search.

Hurray! it’s there! Please don’t kill me. I will be back with another mind blower tomorrow.
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