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Web Projects developed using server-side scripting languages like Java, PHP etc need a server to run them. Nowadays we use many softwares like WAMP/ XAMPP/ LAMP (which has an integrated Apache Web Server) to make this possible.This article teaches you how-to-deploy-and-run-your-web-apps-using-wamp-server.

What is WAMP?

WAMP is an abbreviation for software stack: Windows(OS), Apache(Server), MySQL(Database) and PHP. It is a web development platform on windows by which we can create dynamic web application with Apache2, PHP, and MySQL. Wampserver automatically installs everything that you need during web application development so it can be used for creating a localhost especially for running test projects.

How to Deploy and Run Your Web Apps using WAMP Server?

  1. Download wamp server from their official website. (Download 32 bit/64 bit according to your operating system).how-to-deploy-and-run-your-web-apps-using-wamp-server-official-home-page
  2. Open the .exe file (installation set up) .You will get a window as shown
  3. Select I Accept the Agreement and then proceed with Next and Complete the installation.
  4. Now to start all service, on the bottom right corner of your screen you can see the wamp server logo as shown below. If it has a red color the services isn’t start yet. Click on Start all
  5. Now you get a green color on the logo, which shows that all the services has been started.
  6. Copy the project and paste it to C:\wamp64\www [If you have installed WAMP for 32 bit system, you need to copy the projects to C:\wamp32\www ].
  7. Here my project folder name is sample. So I am copying folder ‘sample‘ to the www folder in WAMP installation
  8. Now open your browser. Type localhost/sample/ in the address bar to run the project [Replace sample with your project folder name ].
    how-to-deploy-and-run-your-web-apps-using-wamp-server-official-www-sample-project-runningNote : To run the project, make sure that all the WAMP services have been started ].

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