What is Ossels?

Ossels is a knowledge sharing centre working peculiarly on serving all the knowledge and career needs of the emerging data science professionals.

There is a significant amount of education and experience required in order to be a data scientist. The first step in becoming a data scientist is to develop a mindset to master things quickly and to apply them in real use cases. Ossels follow a step by step approach in concreting the basics of data science first, followed by intermediate and advanced level tutorials.

Why Data Science?

According to Glassdoor, the data science career is ranked as the third best job for 2020 and was ranked as 1st from 2016 to 2019. Data science is a growing field and data scientists, being the top most paid job in IT sector. Most of the companies have lots of data with them which they have collected through years. Now they want to find some relevant business insights out it and this makes the data scientist, a sweet seat for those who seek a career in Information Technology.

Here are some associated careers and specialisations in data science.

  • Machine Learning Engineers: A machine learning engineer normally work on finding new methods of data analysis and creating algorithms.
  • Data Engineers: A data engineer focus on preparing the infrastructure required for data scientists. Mostly they will be software architects. They design, build and integrate data from various resources. And this data will be huge. Yes, they are big data engineers.
  • Data Analysts: A Data analyst usually work on collecting information or insights useful for the business by analysing large datasets.
  • Data Consultants: Data consultants work directly with the business. They uses the insights yielded from data analysts.
  • Data Architects: The primary focus of a data architect is to build performance optimised data solutions.
  • Applications Architects: They mainly concentrate on tracking the applications on how they are being used in business and their interactions with users.

We teach them all through our free data science course. Through a breadth first approach we get to know what each of them is and then dig through it to know them better.

Our Team

Ossels is a result of the smart work put forwarded by these professionals who have dedicated their career to fulfil their passion of teaching.

about-ossels-team-hazeebHazeeb M, founder of Ossels is a B Tech CS graduate from CUSAT. Currently serving a multinational company in setting and scaling up the business intelligence & analytics. Expertise in quantitative modelling with advanced analytics and data science skills.
about-ossels-team-ajnasAjnas M, Creative and self-starting full stack web developer. Experienced in building stable and dynamic websites and apps in fast-paced, collaborative environments. Skilled in Node.js, Express.js, React.js, Django, MongoDB, HTML5, CSS3 and Bootstrap. 
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